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I think this is a wonderful initiative. A couple of thoughts:

I have read many references to your dad having started his career as a "$10-a-match boxer." (This is cited in multiple sources, including his obituaries in the New York Times and the London Independent. I heard it from Aunt Ruth, which means it is unimpeachable.)

I also wanted to point out that the Philadelphia side of his family seems never to have accustomed itself to the transition from Nathan to Richard. Throughout my entire childhood and beyond, I never heard any of his sisters (Ann, Ruth, Mae, Sarah, Pauline), nor his nieces and nephews (my mother Sheila, her brother Ed, Pauline's daughter Penny, Mae's sons Sheldon and Barry) call him anything but Nate. To me and my siblings, he was always "Uncle Nate."

And one anecdote: As you well know, Uncle Nate often traveled to distant lands to research his works. After he returned from a shorter-than-planned trip to Greece, I asked him why he had come back so soon. "I went looking for the [ancient] Greeks," he replied, "but they're all gone. The country has been overrun by Turks."

I have plenty more to share.

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